Ten years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Now it is time to express “gratitude” for the reconstruction support, with the power of music to “encourage” those in finding “hope” for the World, in moving forward.

The NOW FOR THE WORLD Executive Committee (Tokyo, Minato-ku, Chairman: Saisho Taiki) will hold a collaborative concert “#0 TAKING Off CONCERT.” We welcome Yukihide Takekawa (Godaigo), and the participating Japanese high school choirs who have lost the opportunity to perform their music. This two-night special collaboration will take place on August 30 and September 1, 2021.
This concert will create important opportunities for all, in finding “hope” within a desperate situation– the spread of the new coronavirus. We believe that the power of music can boundlessly “encourage” and “inspire” everyone, and learn to overcome the obstacles left from the pandemic. The fusion of two worlds; the world of unique and original pop music created by Takekawa Yukihide, and the world of classical music brought by university and high school orchestras and singers, together, will empower you in moving forward.

Passionate souls come together to TOKYO to encourage people in Japan, the world, and the entertainment industry– recovery from the pandemic!
Project “NOW FOR THE WORLD” has been launched!

Project “NOW FOR THE WORLD” originated from the “Hand in Hand” Project, which had brought support to people recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake for the past 10 years. The “Hand in Hand” Project was inspired by the children, who held hands in comfort of one another since the disaster. Over the past 10 years, a total of 1,500 students have participated in the project, and have performed alongside international opera singers and orchestras. Their voices shared emotions of, “courage and hope,” to those affected, healing the heavy impact left by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The project has successfully helped students in psychologically healing from the severity of the disaster as well, and expresses our gratitude towards the aid provided from all of Japan, as well as overseas, through our music concerts.
We recently launched Project “NOW FOR THE WORLD” to support every person who continues to struggle with the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, and will “encourage” and help those in finding “hope” through the power of music.

Creating opportunities to “sing” and “perform” with our own hands.

It’s been more than one year since we have been facing the severe restrictions surrounding COVID-19. This global pandemic impacted entertainment industries, performers of whom have lost their chance at public performance, as well as their place of practice. Project “NOW FOR THE WORLD” pursues its mission to encourage artists to break through, by creating new opportunities to practice and showcase their talents. In 2021, a group of artists who sympathized with this mission have come together to create a festival orchestra, titled: "NOW FOR THE WORLD ORCHESTRA (NFTW ORCH)," which will mainly consist of members from various university orchestras. High school students will perform together as a festival chorus as well, titled: "NOW FOR THE WORLD CHORUS (NFTW CORO)."

Project “NOW FOR THE WORLD” has finally begun.
The first project, “#0 TAKING Off Concert,” will feature a collaboration with Yukihide Takekawa.

NFTW ORCH, NFTW CORO, and other artists from Japan and overseas will perform two concerts together. The first concert, titled, “#0 Taking off CONCERT,” will be held in Japan (TOKYO) on August 30 and September 1, 2021.
The second concert will welcome the Philharmonia Orchestra of New York (PONY), and will be held as a collaboration concert titled, “#1 CONCERT from the Blue,” with NFTW ORCH, NFTW CORO, and various artists from Japan.


August 30, 2021

Date and Time Monday, August 30, 2021,
Start 7:00 PM (Doors open 6:00 PM)
  • Tiara Koto (2-28-36 Sumiyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo-to TEL:03-3635-5500)
  • *The number of attendees to be limited to the pandemic preventative measures of the reserved venue.
  • Yukihide Takekawa
Conductor Atsushi Yamada
Narration Nao Kaneko
Music Program
  • The Galaxy Express 999
  • Taking Off
  • Gandhara
  • Monkey Magic
  • Beautiful Name
  • Holy & Bright
  • Celebration
  • Hänsel und Gretel - Overture
  • La Traviata - Prelude to Act 1
  • Aida Act 2: "Triumphal March"
*The program is subject to change, based on the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19. In this situation, we will update the information on this website and our social media pages.

#1 CONCERT From The Blue
Performance Date:Scheduled for Spring 2022 Venue:Around Tokyo

As soon as the details of the performance date and contents are decided, we will publish them to this event website. Please look forward to it.


□About NOW FOR THE WORLD: Executive Committee

We manage and implement the project “NOW FOR THE WORLD” in order to:
(1) Contribute to the expansion of entertainment, music, technology, and culture
(2) Host music concerts
(3) Support the development of the younger generation through international artistic and cultural exchange
In pursuing this, we will create more opportunities to present music that supports people in finding the “hope” and “courage” to overcome the severe circumstances brought by COVID-19. The project will not only uplift the entertainment industry, but also to those around the world in its recovery from the pandemic. Our performances will contribute to the development of art and culture, and empower younger generations through international exchange.


Our orchestra is a festival orchestra that combines various university orchestras. Orchestras have not only lost their opportunities to perform, but were also forced to suspend their activities due to COVID-19. In order to create a place where orchestra members can practice and have the chance to perform, they have formed a unity orchestra to participate in this project.
Our chorus is a festival chorus that includes various high school students. Due to the pandemic, all competitions have been canceled, and the current high school choruses have not been able to perform on stage since. Their opportunities to practice were restricted, depending on the status of the infections, and activities were repeatedly resumed then suspended. Regardless of these severe situations, the high school students never stopped their music; wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and practiced outdoors, so as to keep singing whilst longing for the days when they can publicly perform. Our project's concerts will feature this chorus, and bring the high school students' passion for choral music to fruition.

□About Atsushi Yamada (Maestro), Music Director and Conductor

The music director, Atsushi Yamada, is the first Japanese principal conductor of the Philharmonia Orchestra of New York. The project, “NOW FOR THE WORLD” aims towards the development of young musicians, to educate them through the power of music, and to promote and build everlasting relationships between every participant.

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